Caixun new AR function helps you to find the perfect TV size.

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I think most of us have the same hassle when trying to buy a new TV, what size TV should I buy and well fit for my room? Will a 75” TV fits my living room? Or it’s better off with a smaller one? Thanks to the new technology, we can address this easily now with the augmented reality (AR) function on our website. And more importantly, no application download is required.


With the AR function, you can place a TV in the room virtually and see exactly how big the TV will look before you even buy it. The AR function is available for Caixun TV with the size of 24”, 32”, 40”, 43”, 50”, 55”, 58”, 65” and 75”, which consider as the most common TV size on the market.


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Caixun always aims to connect people with technology and enjoy a smarter life by making them access technology easily. Therefore, different from the other TV AR app, no download is needed for our AR function. You can use the AR function following the few easy steps below.

1) Browse our website using your smartphone (The AR function is only available on mobile)

2) Open the product you want to buy

3) Click the “View in 3D” button


Note and Disclaimer:

The 3D model is for reference only, actual product may vary from the images shown. If you can’t see or run the AR function on the website, your device probably doesn't support augmented reality.