Display problem

1.  No picture no sound

1)  power supply unstable

a.  Check if the power is available by try to connect the same power with other home appliance.

b.  Check if the power switch is opened

2)  No signal

a.  Check if the signal is available

3)  Please call service centre when your TV not ok after above operation

2. Normal picture but no sound

1)  Depress the volume button; check if volume is too lower.

2)  Check whether pressed the mute button, try to depress it again.

3)  Turn to another program to see whether it's a single problem.

4)  Check if it has inserted an earphone.

5)  Please call service center when your TV not ok after above operation

3.  Sound is present, but picture dose not appear or discolored

1)  Try to adjusting the contrast and brightness

2)  Please call service centre when your TV not ok after above operation

4.  Normal picture but with noise

1)  Check if the signal cable is well connected and without poor contact, and readjust the connection

2)  Check the sound system if it is correct

3)  Check if the signal cable is aging, and replace the high-quality signal cable.

4)  Check if there are a variety of electrical equipment (DVD, power amplifier, set-top box, etc.) plugged in the same power socket with TV. It is best to separate and not share

5)  Check whether there is interference from other electronic devices near the TV, such as razors, induction cookers, etc., please remove the electronic devices or change the TV to another room and location for observation.

6)  If there are no problems in the inspection above, please call service center.

5.  Picture flickering

1)  Check if the input signal is normal and without blinking.

2)  Change the TV system.

3)  The flickering picture on your TV may be caused by other electronic devices (cell phones, cordless phones, rotating fans, speakers, etc.) that are too close to the TV, or by devices plugged into the same circuit as the TV is connected in.

4)  Try moving the offending devices further away from the TV.

5) If the suggestions above do not resolve your TV flickering problem, then most likely the backlight in your TV is failing and you will have to get your TV serviced.

6. The picture color is abnormal, with large area of watermarks

1)  If the current signal source is USB, please confirm whether there is a similar problem when playing the corresponding multimedia file(s) on the PC. If yes, the problem is due to the multimedia file(s); otherwise, please contact service center directly.

2)  If the current signal source is TV, please confirm whether there is a similar problem when playing other programs. If there is no any problem, this problem is due to the programs; otherwise, please contact service center directly.

7.  TV displays a black screen and the standby LED lights up

1)  Check the battery of the remote control to ensure that the remote control works well when you press the "Power" button on the remote control.

2)  If the TV still cannot be started after pressing the “Power” button on remote control, press the “Power” button on TV, to check whether the TV works normally.

3)  Please call service center when your TV not ok after above operation.

8.  Some times pictures don’t come on full screen when play through USB

1)  Select the full screen mode

2)  If the pictures don’t come on full screen when you select the full screen mode, it indicates the picture format in your USB can’t come on full screen. Please try to change others file

9. How to do when the TV displays Blue screen

1)  Re-connect the antenna or signal wire, as there will be blue screen when the signal is cut off.

2)  Try to select other modes to find the correct signal source


10.  No colors

1) Check if the input signal color is normal.

2)  Adjust the Color in the menu if the project is back to normal

3)  Switch between color systems and try different color systems.

4)  Restart the TV.

5) Make a factory reset to see if it is restored.

11.   Line on the screen

1)  Check if there are some interference objects near the TV then move away the interference objects.

2)  Reconnect the signal wire.

3)  Open the back cover to reconnect the LVDS wire (the wire connected panel and main board)

4)  Please call for service if there is still line on the screen after above operation, perhaps panel or LVDS wire defective.

12.  Poor picture quality

1) Check the signal connections.

2)  Check if the channel is tuned normally.

3)  Adjust the picture settings, brightness, color, sharpness and contrast

4)  Make sure that the TV is not located close to electrical appliances that may emit radio

frequency interference.

5)  Please call service when your TV not ok after above operation

13. Snow picture and noise

There will be snow picture and noise when signal wire is loosened or signal is weak (less than 60db).


1) Connect the antenna or signal wire again.

2) If only some channels have snow picture and noise, but the other channels are normal, this may be the signal problem.

3) If the local signal is weak you can use a signal amplifier.

4) Please call service when your TV not ok after above operation.


14.  Double or  phantom images

1)  Check if there are high buildings or mountains close to where you are ,you can adjust the image through manual operation: consult instruction of Vernier regulation ,or adjust the direction of the external antenna

2)  If you use an indoor antenna, signal reception may be more difficult under certain circumstances. Adjust the direction of the antenna for optimum reception. If this does not improve reception, you may have to switch to an external antenna.

3)  Please call service centre when your TV not ok after above operation

15. Why does my newly purchased flat-panel TV, the Portrait deformed and cannot be watched normally

1)  This phenomenon is not caused by the malfunction of the TV itself. It is due to the fact that most ordinary TVs currently receive 4:3 analog signals, but all flat-panel TVs now use 16:9 screens, different signal ratio and display ratio caused this issue. But usually, 16:9 screen TV will also have other image modes, such as program source mode, which displays the received signal in the same proportion, and the display ratio depends on the program source. That is, if the program source is 4:3, it will display 4:3; if the program source is 16:9, it will display 16:9.The image distortion phenomenon of flat-panel TVs is mainly because the display format is 16:9, which is different from the 4:3 of ordinary color TVs. The main reason is that the display screen is made with a 16:9 aspect ratio, so the image effect is relatively flat and people will change fat. Tablets generally rarely shifting. You can check the  image aspect ratio mode on the remote control if it is zooming in, if yes, there will be a phenomenon that the image is enlarged to that the logo can only be seen halfway or not. You can adjust the display format to 16:9.

2)  If there are no problems in the inspection above, please call service center.

16.  No pictures or full pictures connected with PC

1)  Check whether the TV has the "VGA" function, and if the cable is connected to the VGA port correctly, or if the cable is bent in some place

2)  Check whether the PC resolution fits the TV or not

17.  Vertical line blinking connected with PC

1)  Enter the main menu, and adjust the vertical placement to eliminate the vertical line

18.  Horizontal tearing connected with PC

1)  Enter the main menu, and adjust the horizontal placement of the screen to clear any horizontal line

19.  Screen is too bright or dark connected with PC

1)  Adjust the brightness or contrast in the main menu.

20.  No response when connected to PC

1)  Check if the PC’s display resolution is set to a compatible resolution for the TV.

21. Random noise / disturbance appearing on the screen when connected to HDMI

1)  If random noise appears on the screen, it means that TV does not support HDCP

(High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection).

2)  The HDMI cable might have developed some issues, please try changing the cable.

3)  The resolution set in the TV might be higher than the content being played.

22. There is no signal on the screen when connected to HDMI.

1)  Pls check the HDMI wire contacts are in good condition.

2)  Pls try changing the cable

3)  Pls check the broadcast equipment HDMI output is normal.

4)  Pls change the TV side in another HDMI inputs

23.  Lines appearing when a TV connected to the RCA port

1)  Please check the cable you using if it is in good quality.